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Style Funeral Services

Morena Style Funeral Services (SFS) funeral service company based in Soweto, Diepkloof. We have been in existence since 2012, and we are 100% black-owned. We are a funeral service provider that provides affordable and dignified burial services tailored to meet the needs of our clients during their time of grief. Every aspect of what we do is guided by our values, which include professionalism, quality service, dignity, and comfort. We’re committed to respecting our clients, providing value for money, and offering a diverse selection of covers. Our services range from general to tailor-made, depending on what you need as a client.



Providing five-star funeral services to all our clients no matter how big or small their budgets. Our packages are affordable, and we go the extra mile to make our customers feel special.



Pyramid Funeral Parlour is a local and family-owned business started in 1999. We perform numerous well-coordinated memorials for the public and high-profile citizens. Mr. SM Maxopani wanted to give back to his community, as a result we help the local government with indigent burials and people in need. After many years of service, we still pride ourselves with quality and improved service. Togetherness is the glue that binds loving families together– even through the toughest of times. And when your family is faced with the loss of a loved one, let Pyramid Funeral Parlour help you strengthen that bond.

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